Standing Up For Your Rights

At The Tourigny Law Firm LLC, I’m here to help you after you have suffered a wrong. Whether a car accident or retaliation at your job, I can protect your interests and help you obtain justice.

Serving The Kansas City Area,
Licensed In Both Missouri And Kansas

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Legal Representation For Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, Discrimination And Retaliation

Legal problems can leave you feeling powerless. You’ve been injured in an accident.  You have been subjected to harassment or retaliation in the workplace and the stress is making you ill. A family member unexpectedly passed.

I’m Greg Tourigny, I understand and that’s why I founded my law firm. My role as a lawyer is to provide the compassionate, understanding legal advocacy you need during times of stress. I know the law and can help you protect your interests and find a way forward.

Practice Areas

Personal Injury & Motor Vehicle Accidents

Wrongful Death

Sexual Harassment

Employment Law & Discrimination Issues

Workplace discrimination can be as traumatizing as a physical injury. After incidents of discrimination, simply going to work can cause severe anxiety.

In these situations, I can help. I’ll listen to your story, help you understand the law and your employers’ responsibilities.

I will explain how you can best respond to protect your interests and to stop the harassment or retaliation.

After A Wrongful Death

Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult things a person can experience. You need someone in your family’s corner with the empathy to understand your pain, and the grit and experience to fight for what you deserve.


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