Fighting Injustice In Every Case

You Deserve Justice

For many people, the legal system can feel as if it is stacked against you. If something bad happens to you, you may not know where to turn and you might feel as if you have no options. But you can even the odds with an attorney willing to fight zealously for you. You can get justice.

My name is Greg Tourigny. I’m an attorney in Kansas City. I help my clients from across Missouri fight to get the justice they deserve. I take on cases for people facing an uphill legal battle against insurance companies and employers. Learn more about my background by reading my bio below:

Taking The Fight To Employers

When you have an issue with the company you work for, you are already at a disadvantage. They pay you; they control your workday and have a great deal of power over your healthcare. When your rights are violated in the workplace, you may feel your complaint of harassment or discrimination will be ignored. Worse, you may worry if you report the conduct, you may suffer retaliation as punishment for speaking up.

If you have suffered discrimination, harassment or retaliation, I can help. You may be unsure if your incident even qualifies as a violation of your rights. Speak with me. I can help you determine if you have a viable claim. You have rights as an employee. You deserve to take every possible step to protect yourself and do the right thing.

Standing Up For The Injured

When a person suffers injuries from a car accident, they will usually pursue compensation from an insurance company. Insurance companies have every resource at their disposal to dispute, disrupt and minimize claims. It’s their business, and they are good at it.

When you’re hurt, if you’ve lost a loved one to negligence, you need all the help you can get. You don’t need an insurer telling you what your injury is worth or what they’re willing to pay. You deserve the care and attention your injuries demand.

I Am Here To Help

I want to hear from you about your injury. I want to hear about the discrimination or retaliation you suffered. I will listen to your story and work with you to build an effective legal strategy.

Contact my office by calling 816-945-6215 or sending me an email.