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Despite marketing claims, insurance companies aren’t on your side

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2023 | Personal Injury Claims

Insurance companies have catchy slogans and comical mascots that people see on television and hear on the radio daily. The overall market saturation of insurance advertising can give people a false sense of security when they experience a motor vehicle collision.

They expect that the insurance company will be friendly and helpful and that they will receive the maximum amount of coverage that they should get based on the policy and their circumstances. Car crashes may cause tens of thousands of dollars in property damage losses and even more than that in medical expenses and lost wages. Those who need to navigate a sizable claim after a wreck need to understand that the insurance company may not be on their side.

They will look for reasons to deny or reduce claims

Insurance professionals technically have a legal obligation to operate in good faith. They should uphold insurance policies that they have underwritten and respond in a timely manner to any claims. Unfortunately, insurance providers want to make as much money as possible, which generally means they need to limit how much they pay for individual claims. The goal is to pay less than the maximum policy limits in many cases.

They will often do extensive research trying to find a way to mitigate financial liability. Anything that someone posts on social media, from details about the car crash to pictures from a party the week after could end up leveraged by an insurance company to justify limiting their payout. Simple mistakes when communicating with insurance professionals, such as apologies or statements that imply partial faults, could ultimately provide the company with ammunition in its attempt to minimize the payout.

Finally, insurance professionals will frequently try to manipulate someone into accepting less than they deserve based on the extent of their losses and the coverage available. Lowball settlement offers can leave someone unable to request additional compensation and struggling with expenses from the crash.

Many people benefit from seeking legal guidance when they need to navigate a sizable insurance claim after a car wreck. Recognizing how the insurance company might seek to avoid its responsibilities could benefit those worried about covering their costs after a crash.