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Frequently Asked Questions About Car Accidents In Kansas City, Missouri

I’m attorney Greg Tourigny, and I fight for the injured in Kansas City. Many of my clients have similar questions, such as:

Why do I really need a lawyer after a car accident in Missouri?

The average person does not know how to properly value a claim, and insurance companies are highly skilled at minimizing their losses. Without someone to protect you, you may sign away your rights for far less than you are due.

How long do I have until it’s too late to sue after a car accident in Missouri?

Missouri Code Section 516.120 gives you five years from the date of a car accident to file a personal injury lawsuit – but you should not wait that long to begin the process.

What damages can I sue for in a Missouri car accident?

You can recover both economic damages (lost wages, medical bills, property damage) and noneconomic damages (pain and suffering, emotional distress) in a Kansas City lawsuit.

Does fault matter in a car accident in Missouri?

Missouri follows the rule of pure comparative negligence, so fault does matter – because each driver’s ability to recover compensation for their losses will be reduced according to their share of the fault for the wreck. In other words, if your claim is worth $50,000 but you are found to be 20% at fault for your injuries, you could only receive $40,000.

What if the insurance company reaches out to me after a car wreck?

No matter how friendly the insurance adjuster seems, you put your claim in danger by talking to them; they are looking for ways to twist your words against you. The wise thing to do is to decline to speak with them, especially on a recorded line, and refer them to your Kansas City attorney.

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