Fighting Injustice In Every Case

I Fight For Workers’ Rights

I’m attorney Greg Tourigny, and I have fought against the largest companies in America and Won. I have obtained large results in discrimination, whistleblower, and retaliation in the Kansas City area, helping clients in both Missouri and Kansas.

Employers have a lot of power and use it to get away with violations of the law and your rights as a person. At The Tourigny Law Firm LLC, I work with you to even the scales and pursue justice.

There Are A Wide Range Of Potential Claims

I know how damaging violations of your rights in the workplace can be. You just want to do a good job and earn a living. Suddenly, you find yourself dealing with unwanted sexual advances or demands for sexual favors. Maybe you had a family emergency and needed time to care for one of your parents. You took Family And Medical Leave Act (FMLA) leave, and now find your employer is retaliating against you.

Or you’ve applied to use some of your workers’ compensation benefits and your supervisor has begun to make your work life miserable. Still, others suffer racial harassment or abuse because of being pregnant or religious affiliation. You may have helped another employee who suffered discrimination by providing information during the investigation only to then suffer punishment for that help. All of this conduct is illegal. But that alone won’t stop it. Working together, we can make a difference with these difficult cases.

Employment Law Disputes Can Be Devastating

The variations are endless. Despite more than 50 years since the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibited many types of discrimination and numerous additional laws being enacted during the following years, every day, tens of thousands of workers suffer illegal conduct from their employers on the job.

This conduct can lead to severe problems for the worker. Loss of sleep, tremendous stress, emotional distress and can develop into physical problems as well. Contact me before this happens. I can help. We can stop the abuse and work to achieve compensation

The Fight For Employee Rights Is A Fight For Justice

Justice can be hard to come by when it comes to your rights as an employee. I get how stressful and difficult these situations can be, but you should not let anyone mistreat you, no matter how much power they have over you.

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